Daddy O’s is proud to present to you three very distinct BBQ sauces from the three BBQ regions: Texas and Southwest, the Carolinas, and Kentucky. Each region has a different way of flavoring their BBQ. There’s no right or wrong here, just whatever rocks you. Try all three and each time get a different flavor experience.As with everything at Daddy O’s, these exciting sauces are made from scratch.

Gramp’s Cola BBQ Sauce

Greatness usually comes from hard work and diligence. But sometimes genius comes from a happy accident. 50 years ago, the ‘Que Master, Gramp O.Z., was making his legendary homemade BBQ sauce, the mesquite-infused sauce favored by Texans, when his bottle of Coca Cola tipped over and spilled a little into his pot of sauce. Rather than throw the pot of sauce out, he mixed it in and a unique flavored BBQ was born! The cola-infused Mesquite sauce has just that little sweet twist added to this rich, deep, woodsy sauce that makes it familiar yet different, a Daddy O’s exclusive.

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Bourbon BBQ Sauce

In my travels around the country and the globe, I’ve developed a regional sauce from the bluegrass hills of Kentucky. In horse country they have different take on BBQ sauce. Their hickory-infused sauce is spicy and sweet. The Bourbon in the sauce cuts through the hickory and adds layers of subtle complexity. You want a different sauce? This is it. The smoky meat covered with this earthy dazzler elevates the BBQ and takes it to a new, different level. As you enjoy this regional flavor, close your eyes be transported to the finery and excitement of the Kentucky Derby.

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Carolina BBQ Sauce

From the Carolinas, they go left with their BBQ sauce. The left turn is vinegar and mustard! Indeed, some Carolina sauces are clear, just vinegar and spices. After tasting several of their sauces, I developed a wonderful middle ground that captures the acidity of the vinegar while using mustard and honey to mellow the tartness. This honey mustard creation is comparable to a “sweet sour” sauce. This contrast delivers a flavor explosion in your mouth bringing out flavors in the BBQ meat you never expected. A change of pace, a change of place. Try it once, you may get hooked. And the best part is, you don’t have to move to Carolina to try it!

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